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The Evolution of a Web Search Engine UI - Infoseek

1999 - Personalization became a high priority (news, stocks, and weather, oh my!)

1998 - Infoseek added more content and entered the age of the portal (a la Excite and others)

1997 - Browsable directory links were added to the home page, making categorized sites more easily discoverable by the less-experienced internet user (a la Yahoo)

1996 - The Infoseek search engine began as just a search box (a la Alta Vista at that time, and more recently, Google)

The process behind one of the many re-design efforts was captured in this article that was published in the Web Review journal (currently Dr. Dobbs) on 5/27/97 - "Back to the Drawing Board - The Infoseek Redesign: A Study in Give-and-Take"

These historical screens are provided by the Internet Archive and may be missing graphics or be unavailable. These and additional examples are also available by hardcopy. Please contact us to set up an appointment for viewing and further discussion of the design rationale and process.


Enterprise Email Interface Issues

Usability Improvements in Lotus cc:Mail for Windows - published in the CHI'96 conference proceedings

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